Maintaining a fish pond requires time, care, and knowledge. That is why Green Century Services, Inc. is here to help with all your new or existing pond needs.




 A fish pond is a pond which is merely meant to keep fish. Many pond owners enjoy the beauty and interest their water garden adds to their home landscape. There are many pond types, kinds and sizes. Each of them has its unique characteristics. One of the biggest decisions you will make when creating a pond is choosing which type of fish to have in the pond. Different fish have different behavior and uses. An attractive effect of having a pond is that it can serve as outdoor air conditioning.

Adding beauty to your backyard is one of the most obvious benefits of owning a pond. A pond can become the focal point for your garden especially when it includes colorful fish and plants. Additional features such as waterfalls, spitters, statues, or rock borders can be pleasing to the eye as well. Building a pond also provides a place of sanctuary- a safe relaxing place to escape from the rest of the world.




Having a fish pond in your backyard could really turn your backyard into an exciting garden. Choosing a location for your fish pond is important. Installing fish pond or water garden can add ambiance, provide a peaceful outdoor area to sit and relax as well as add value to your home or business. You also have the assurance of knowing it was built by someone who has expertise and experience with pond construction. And if you have the energy and determination, you can make a fishing pond in your backyard all on your own. Just select a location, determine your pond’s size, and purchase the proper materials so you can start creating it and adding your fish!

To build a natural fish pond in your backyard you don’t have to be a builder or have building experience, and it’s really low cost and low maintenance. First, select a suitable place for your pond. Choose the size and shape of your pond. Begin digging. Bottom drain and water return. Pond liner. Install a Pump and waterfall. Install Eduction Jets and a Skimmer. Once you are done, you can add rocks, fish and some aquatic plants to make your pond more attractive, along with some attractive garden lights. Hope you will enjoy building your pond. 




 Koi are adaptable to many styles of ponds. A koi fish is a generally hardy animal that can live for many years, especially in captivity. However, for them to grow and live long, they must be subjected to optimal conditions. Good water quality is the main factor in successfully keeping koi, levels in the water should be checked regularly. Due to evaporation, water in a koi pond gradually decreases, leaving behind minerals and other substances that may lower the quality of the water. Because of this, it is important to remove at least 10 to 15 percent of the remaining pond water weekly and refill the pond with fresh water to the desired level.

Pond maintenance also differs by season. During fall and winter, when it is generally colder, some of the leaves on the aquatic plants in the water may change colors or fall off. To retain the efficiency of the filtration system and to avoid the collection of debris, it is important to cut or trim all dead and dying leaves before they fall into the pond. Also, during winter, the pond’s surface may freeze. Proper and regular care of a koi pond is not difficult. You just need to follow a regular maintenance schedule to avoid bigger problems.


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